Player Profile: Theo Reyer

Joshua Geller, Staff Writer

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When talking about football in general, most fans would focus the flashy, scoring positions such as the quarterback, running back or the wide receiver. Rarely does anyone mention the kicker. Except for this year the Paladin spotlight is on a veteran kicker, Theo Reyer, a senior.

The kicker is the player, well you guessed it, who kicks the football either between the goal posts for three points or kicks the ball off after a team scores. The kicker can be a vital part of a football team for many reasons. They can get the team an extra point after a touchdown is scored, pin the ball in the end zone to assure the returner does not take it out of the backfield, and are often tasked with kicking the field goals that can decide the outcome of a game.

Reyer, who first started kicking in his freshman year and is now in his fourth year on the team, feels like he has one of the more important positions on any football team.

He said,“I feel it’s a crucial position. Field goals are an important part of the game, if you can pin it deep in the end zone it can change the game completely.” Reyer said, “I’ve always loved soccer and the Gators, I saw Sturgis (the kicker for the gators at the time) kick, I had a strong leg so I decided to try out freshman year.”

This was the start of something Reyer would soon excel at, becoming good enough to attract the attention of college football programs Reyer understands that the kicker has his advantages on and off the field. One important advantage he noted was “I don’t have to wear pads and I escape major injuries like guys that play other positions deal with.” This can be vital because most football teams do not have much depth at the position.

Looking to the future, Reyer can see college a career for himself if it is the right fit. He says, “I would love to play college football but it has to be the right college for me. I want to go to college for academics and if football comes with it that’s great.”

Reyer, like most players, is focused on achieving set goals this season. One goal is large but he feels ready to conquer the feat. “I’m attempting to break the county record for longest field goal this year,” he said. Some would say this is a staggering goal, but Reyer has confidence that he can break the record, and said “In practice I once made a 67 yard field goal and against Mccarthur High I made a 52 yard field goal.”

The kicking power is there, as he has proven not only can he kick it far enough but he can do so with accuracy. All he needs now is a game opportunity. Hopefully there will be plenty for him this season.