Player Profile: Stephen Grieves

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Player Profile: Stephen Grieves

Donovan Holder, Sports Editor

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Football is a game filled with superstars who come out to win the day. While it is easy to say that every position is equal in value, it is also easy to not give players the full credit they deserve. However, senior Stephen Grieves, a lineman for South is very hard to overlook.
“Stephen is an exceptional player, and excellent to model to the younger players on the team,” said Coach Anderson.
Before playing football, Grieves was interested in fixing cars and computers as a hobby. Motivated by his mother, Grieves found a love for the game that would last throughout his high school career.
“My mom is my biggest motivation. Seeing her work hard helps me to work hard as well,” said Grieves.
Grieve’s overall drive to play football sprouted from a new found love of the game when he started playing. The physical aspect of football is Grieves’s favorite as it relieves his stress.
“I love how hitting puts me in a primal state of mind,” he said.
Grieves is not only a phenomenal player, but also a beloved teammate to his fellow players. Shane Holley, freshman, said “Stephen is a great teammate because he treats everyone like brothers. We voted him captain because he shows a lot of pride in South and he is always there for everyone.”
Despite how good of a football player Grieves is, he is not just a one-act man. In fact, he plans to run track in the spring when football season is over.
Along with sports, Grieves always remembers that he is a student first, meaning he has to keep up with his school work daily. He describes his school life as “relatively basic, I just come to school to get my work done, and afterward get rewarded by getting to play football.”
After high school, Grieves hopes to attain a bachelor’s degree in information technology and repair. He is open to the idea of playing college football in addition to following his other dreams.
“I would love to play football after high school; it has always been a lifelong dream of mine,” he said.
Over the course of three years, Grieves’s life and personality have been permanently affected by football.
Grieves said, “Football helps me value the importance of working hard so I can always be on top. No one is going to give you any passes or second chances, so if you want something you have to strive to take it for yourself.”