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Donovan Holder, Sports Editor

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Is NASCAR a sport? While it is clearly evident that to drive and race in NASCAR you have to be a talented person with much devotion to practicing and becoming better, there still is an ongoing argument about this topic.
When thinking of a sport, most people define it as having a god-given ability or being a relatively athletic person, however, the dictionary definition of a sport is: An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. But when I talked to Gabriel Camps, sophomore, his take on things was a little bit different.
Camps said, “I don’t see how you can consider NASCAR to not be a sport. To me it fits all the requirements: necessary skill, practice, focus, a ‘drive’ to win, and a love for the game.”
Another point of view from Justin Werner, sophomore said, “While NASCAR does require much talent, I do not believe it is worthy of being called a sport. A driver could never feel the same feeling of a star football player or baseball phenom, it just isn’t the same, not to mention it takes no athletic ability.”
The problem with calling NASCAR a sport is because it is based on something we do every day, and drivers can only burn up to 74 calories an hour; that is roughly five and a half times less than golf, one of the least physically demanding sports in the world.
And while many don’t consider this a vital argument, people still want a ‘sport’ to entertain them. Watching a bunch of drivers make left turns for four hours may or may not be considered the most fun thing to indulge yourself in.
But is NASCAR the only sport that gets overlooked? Amy Holder, SPHS AP U.S History teacher said, “I had danced for all of my youth, and it was a very hard task to perform, even when I was experienced, and although it fits the definition of a sport, I never got the luxury of being called an athlete.”
In any case, some activities may not be sports, but it should never affect what a person does. If a person enjoys what they do, then they should keep doing it, because they love it, not just because it is considered a sport.