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Accepting Change

Anna Winslow, Editor-in-Chief

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With every new school year comes new changes. This year, new additions to the school like block schedule, Pathways of Innovation, and increasing technology in the classroom have all had large impacts on our school experiences. These changes may be perceived negatively by many, but should be embraced. Adapting to change is an essential part of life, and learning to do that should be one thing we experience in high school.
It would be easy to stick to norms; everything would stay the same and there would be no reason to worry about potential outcomes of certain events. However, with no change comes no progress. As a school, and as a student body, we must evolve with the times in order to improve ourselves.
High school is a fleeting time in our lives. It is a time of stress, joy, drama and everything in between. But no matter how crazy it can all seem, we are still in a bubble. Attending a school like South is comforting; we know what to expect every year. But in the real world, we must be able to adapt and accept change in all forms. So rather than fighting any new changes to the school, whether it be block or the addition of canvas into our classrooms, we should keep an open mind. Changes that we once may have been so worried about, can truly be great improvements to our lives and school.

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Accepting Change