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Why block schedule is better than straight seven

Lizbeth Acevedo, Staff Writer, Artist

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As a senior who has never experienced the wonders of block schedule before, I can easily say it’s a breath of fresh air. Only four classes a day compared to the standard seven allows for more advantages to the student. It provides opportunities for in-depth learning and teachers are more motivated to improve their curriculum. Teachers are also able to educate students more on certain subjects. For example, math classes at 90 minutes can allow teachers to spend more time focusing on kids who still don’t understand certain concepts or those who are behind.
Students can also now decrease their stress by having more time to do homework, understand material, socialize and create strong connections with teachers.
The eight minute transition period between classes also allows for more time to use the restroom. The flexibility of days and elongated hours also benefits classes that are Advanced Placement or in the Fine Arts. Students are given more time to hone their skills without any rush and with a day in between to practice any work or material. As a current AP student, this scheduling gives me more motivation to complete my work on the same day it is assigned so I can take the next day to focus on the rest of my classes or the AP exam at the end of the year.
I know many complain that there is an unnecessary study hall or “extra period,” but instead of seeing it as another burden, think of it as a blessing. You receive an hour and a half to organize your work, complete homework assignments, or even just nap. If you have not completed a specific class online, then you can use the study hall to complete that credit as well.
Then there is Senior privilege which allows others to leave early or come in late depending on when their study hall is. Most students use their senior privilege to go to work earlier in the day instead of going in late and coming home later. For those particular students, such as myself, who work late shifts and end up coming home at 11pm or going into work at 2pm, Senior privilege allows for us to accommodate and balance work, school and time for ourselves. Talk about a helpful boost to adulthood! With more time on their hands, students can manage their time more responsibly. Senior privilege also motivates students to take advantage of their free-time to stay on track to graduate. Although block schedule might be a frightening change for some, in the end, it is an overall benefit for everyone who knows how to use it intelligently and diligently.

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Why block schedule is better than straight seven