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Why straight seven is better than block

Macey Melinek, Sports Editor

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Eight classes, four a day, ninety minutes each, and one struggling student. Block schedule has many flaws that I’m sure many of you agree with. One of them being that ninety minutes is just way too long to sit in a class. Especially if it is a subject that does not interest you. Sitting in the same chair in the same classroom for a long period of time can be a backbreaker; not to mention the agony associated with phone withdrawal.
Block schedule can also be difficult for students who take Advanced Placement (AP) classes or classes with an End of Course (EOC) exam. Block can cause teachers and students to lose about three and a half weeks of instruction. For many classes, there is a deadline that teachers need to make so their students can pass an end of year exam. Some of these classes include; AP Chemistry, AP or Honors United States History, and Biology.
Take me for example, I am taking four Advanced Placement classes, with the rest being honors. I only see my teachers two or three times a week, making it difficult to keep up with the faster pace that they need to teach at.
On top of losing instruction time, students pay a big price for missing one day of school. Missing a school day can equal the workload of up to two classes. I am an athlete for the school, so sometimes the team has to leave early for a game. Giving athletes a study hall last hour will prevent these student from missing too much class.
Another reason why I am not a fan of block schedule is because, it makes it hard to keep track of what teachers assign. For example, if I get assigned homework on a Gold day and do not do it the same day, there is a good chance I can forget that it is there.
Lunch is a time to enjoy a good meal, catch up with friends, or cram in a last minute study session. Lunch has been shortened from thirty-eight minutes, to thirty-one. Those seven minutes may not seem significant, but the havoc and chaos of teenage students fighting to claim tables can eat up quite some time. Furthermore, students who have B lunch better bring a snack to munch on during the day, because unlike last year, B lunch is twenty minutes later.
So, for all of these reasons, I am against block schedule. Although I am not a fan of this new schedule, it looks like it is here to stay.

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Why straight seven is better than block