Students of South: Sergio Marin

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Students of South: Sergio Marin

Nazareth Lockerd, Staff Writer, Photographer

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Senior Sergio Marin took an extraordinary trip this summer. Leaving June 6th, Marin spent his summer in Europe and returned August 18th right before the 2017-2018 school year. While exploring the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy, he experienced all that each country had to offer.
Starting off in the United Kingdom, he visited Manchester, Liverpool, and London. There, he saw a variety of museums and monuments including The Beatles museum, Big Ben, the Jewel, the Eye of London, and the Buckingham Palace.
“I saw the doctor museum, all the major museums, and city hall, I even saw the change of guards,” he said.
In Paris, he went to the Louvre, the Eiffel tower, Notre dame, and the Palace of Versailles before driving down the east coast of France to Bordeaux.
“I was in a car from Paris to the end of the traveling in Montpellier. Montpellier to Marseilles to Toulon, and Monaco was very beautiful,” said Marin.
In Italy, he saw the leaning tower of Pisa and Florence before returning to Montpellier to begin studying French with other students from around the globe.
“I was in Montpellier for five weeks, where I met people around the world. I even met someone from Boca Raton, FL, crazy,” said Marin. While in Montpellier, he lived with a host family, truly immersing himself in the French culture.
“I spoke French, but also spoke Spanish and English with my new friends,” he said.
Marin then booked a plane to Cambridge, UK, staying with his aunt for two and a half week and meeting up with one of his friends from his studies in France. Before leaving, he even met a former south student, Lianah Ost Gaskell, who was involved in JROTC.
The experience not only left Marin with vast knowledge of the world, but also with new long lasting relationships.
“I have a group chat with fifteen of my new friends, and We talk about the trip constantly and talk on a regular basis,” said Marin.
Marin hopes to continue travelling, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures like he did this past summer. However, the one thing he will never forget is the people he met. Although visiting so many countries within a short timespan may seem stressful, but Marin would do the whole trip again.
“Travelling throughout Europe was a really great experience and I would definitely recommend traveling as much as possible; whenever you get the chance,” Marin said.