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Jordana Khandakji, Entertainment Editor

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Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, has recently sprung speculation that she will be resigning after just one year in the position. Her tenure has been a pretty rocky from the beginning. Nominated by Trump, DeVos was a controversial cabinet pick and ended up in the position with America’s first tie breaker vote by Vice President, Mike Pence.
Many claimed DeVos was unqualified for the position, having never been involved in public education. Many feared school funds would go to religiously affiliated charter schools and school vouchers instead of public schools.
“The fact that she doesn’t know what public law 94.142 is a problem. Every person in education should know what it is,” said Lindsey Agoglia, Language Arts teacher. “How can a person who does not know this be in charge of our nation’s educational decisions?”
Law 94.142, passed in 1975, guarantees a free public education to each child with a disability. The law made a positive impact on many children across the country with disabilities, and DeVos struggled to answer questions about it during her confirmation hearing.
The billionaire republican visited two Tallahassee schools in August, Holy Comforter Episcopal School, a private school and Florida State University Schools, a K-12 charter school. This stirred a lot backlash as many public school educators expressed that she did not experience what an average public school is like.
“Public schools are not her focus and instead she is looking for ways to improve schools who already have the money,” said Carolyn Kean, junior.
DeVos has shown support for for-profit colleges, making students turn heads. Many students believe that the government should lower college costs, but little action has been taken to do so. “It undermines students that have the ability to go to college but can’t because of financial issues,” said Emily Martinez, senior.
DeVos has showed support for creating more charter schools. She is a strong believer in innovation in the classroom, and a big advocate for new technology being used in schools.She also went on a “Rethink School Tour” going to schools in Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska to showcase creative classrooms around the country.
In a recent Politico interview she blamed the bureaucracy for her inability to pass any major legislation for education. Explaining that it has been much more difficult than she originally thought, Devos states her transition team “under coached” her for the job she has at hand. “The government and their position on public schools vs charter or private is a shame,” Agoglia said. We are literally killing the education system.”