Hispanic heritage dance

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Hispanic heritage dance

Sofia Agusti Cordova, Staff Writer

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Students danced to the beat of Latin genres such as salsa, charanga and merengue and ate traditional Hispanic snacks and pastries Thursday night. Ms. Maria, Mr. Borja, Mr. Collins and his youngest daughter tore up the dance floor with students. Ms. Maria even brought a guiro, a Latin American percussion instrument to liven up the evening.
“I really liked the dance because I was with all my friends, and the music and food were really good,” said Sebastian Romero, Sophomore.
This was the first Hispanic Heritage Dance ever held at South Plantation and it was a success. After all, anything that has teens dancing and laughing would go down as an eventful night to remember. But some students had a different view about this dance..
Some students voiced concern that the dance was for Latinos only, but people of all backgrounds were welcomed to celebrate.
“I thought there were only going to be Latinos,” said Leidy Gonzalez, sophomore.”But there were some people who weren’t and had an amazing time, it made me like the dance even more.”
The idea of a Hispanic Heritage Dance was brought up by sophomore Gianna Camerino after she realized South had never held one before.
“My committee member and I suggested the idea of a Hispanic heritage dance to our advisor, she said it was a great idea and that it had never been done at South Plantation,” Camerino said.
From there Camerino and her committee members began planning the dance in addition to obtaining necessary materials to create the dance. Camerino and her team recruited Assistant Principal Borja to DJ to excite the crowd.The dance was small, but still memorable as those who attended had a great time.
“Even though we didn’t reach our goal of having 200 people, the number of people we had there was enough for everyone to have a great time,” Camerino said. “I personally loved the dance and how everything went, especially the decorations.”
Regardless of how the dance came to be, Daddy Yankee, Enrique Iglesias and Luis Fonsi’s voices enraptured the night as the orejas and tortas mil hojas were devoured. It was a fun and exciting night that joined people of all backgrounds to celebrate Hispanic culture.