Students of South: Luis Saravia

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Students of South: Luis Saravia

Rayza Vasquez, Staff Writer

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“Give it all you got like it’s the last day you’ll live” said Luis Saravia, a senior who participates in two after school activities that oppose each other. He plays football while he’s in the marching band.He started football in his freshman year as a defensive lineman and then decided to take up marching band in sophomore year as a trombone player. Participating in both these activities proves to be difficult as it takes up most of his time after school.
Nonetheless, Saravia still manages to be a valuable member of South’s marching band and football team. When band and football cross each other on practice days, he goes to band first before spending the remainder of the day at football practice. When football practice is over, he goes home and begins his homework. To balance both these activities while earning solid grades is an impressive accomplishment. Saravia also has to have a great memory, he has to remember plays for football and then notes for band.
“Remembering all those plays and the music sheets sometimes gets difficult, and on top of all that i also have to remember everything I learned in class,” said Saravia.
While interviewing him he explained how he would like to play football in college but he doesn’t necessarily have to. He said that band is more like a hobby to him and he wouldn’t do it in college; He also said that even though band is a hobby, he can’ choose between the two. Saravia said that he wants to go to Florida State University and major in engineering or maybe join the military; he doesn’t really want a career in football or band, although he enjoys both in high school.
“I think it’s great to have him doing both. He mentioned it to me in the beginning of the year and how he didn’t want to let go of football but also wanted to do band. It meant alot to him and i supported him because he always gave 100% effort at practices and games so I had 0 problem with him doing it,” said Coach Anderson.

This year Saravia is supposed to be a junior but he’s in the 18-credit program which states that you only need 18 credits to graduate. Only people in the program can graduate with 18 credits, not any junior that already has 18 credits. Him being in the program only shows how hard he has been working in high school; between football, marching band and the program, he has his plate full.
“It’s a great thing what he’s doing. It shows that you as a student can do more than one activity. It allows Luis and other students to choose to do it. What he’s doing requires time management and communication,” said Evans.