Fundraising for your club

Roderick McKenzie, Staff Writer

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One of the hardest parts of having a club is getting money. Funds are necessary to pay for T-shirts, field trip costs, and other expenses. Here are some ideas that you can use as inspiration to fundraise for your club. Just make sure you and your club adviser fill out the necessary project approval forms before you start.
Car Wash
Materials Needed: Buckets, sponges, water hose, soap, washcloths, and towels.
Description: One of the most common ways to raise money is to have a car wash. It is very simple to start and finish and only needs a couple of people to do efficiently.
How To Start: First, you need at least 6 to 8 people that are able to come to the car wash to help out. Before getting people to come to the car wash, set up a designated area to wash cars, preferably near a water hose. Get out some buckets, add some soap in them, fill them up ¾ of the way with water, and get ready to wash some cars.
Candy Sales
Materials Needed: Candy and dedication
Description: Candy sales are another common way to raise money since it takes little effort but a lot of dedication. This is because you will get a lot of nos. Just don’t give up and you can probably sell an entire bag in one day.
How To Start: Buy a big bag of candy from any store. How many pieces you are going to give out and how much it will cost is up to you but it is recommended to think of how much you make from it. If it is a higher price like $2, you will get more profit from it but not many sales, vice versa
Penny Drive
Materials Needed: A few jars.
Description: A penny drive is a simple yet effective fundraiser with multiple ways of doing it. Plus more people are likely to donate change than dollars.
How To Start: Start by getting the jars and cutting a hole in the top so that coins can easily be put in. Upon finishing the jars, head out to different classes and ask the teachers if they would be okay with having donation jars in their class for anyone to put a few coins in. Excess change once collected can be transferred to dollars, and you may be surprised with how much money you collect.
Yard Sale
Materials Needed: A tarp, an area to sell, and items to sell.
Description: Yard sales are a classic way to fundraise. People love buying items for a cheper cost.
How To Start: Ask members of your club to donate gently used clothes, furniture, or other items to sell for a cheaper cost. Organize the items by price and get ready to start selling.