Colleges shouldn’t ban Greek life

Katherine Diaz, Staff Writer

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As someone who has a few friends in sororities at FSU, it can be a little nerve wracking to think, “maybe that could’ve been my friend” after hearing about alcohol related deaths at the school. Many sororities and fraternities have bad reputations concerning drinking and drug use, but I think we have to remind ourselves that these situations don’t happen on a daily basis.
Not every fraternity takes part in dangerous hazing rituals. In fact, many fraternities and sororities don’t even have wild parties or social gatherings as their main focus.
Most fraternities and sororities are based around charitable events. As members, those involved take part in numerous charitable events to help make a difference in the world. For instance, the sorority Delta Gamma raised $792,499 for Service for Sight, a charity that helps the visually impaired. Delta Gamma is one of many Greek life chapters that has raised money for important causes around the world.
Many Greek life organizations in college also have high academic standards for members. Having a large group of friends who share the same academic goals is a great way to make sure you are getting the education you want. These friends can push you to be your greatest, and contribute to your employment successes later in life. Several sorority and fraternity members use the connections they make during their time in college for job opportunities as well.
Participation in a social structures like those of Greek organizations provides students with useful knowledge that will affect their social life after college. These organizations can offer opportunities to develop socials skills in addition to providing experiences that will allow those involved to learn the value of social connections. Building a solid foundation for lifelong bonds is a priority of many Greek life institutions that give students a family away from home.
Not all fraternities and sororities are to blame for the tragic hazing related deaths of students like Andrew Coffey. Ensuring that Greek life institutions follow rules and regulations are necessary to ensuring safety. Banning all Greek life would be too rash a decision, as not every sorority or fraternity is associated with drugs, alcohol, or hazing.
Whether you choose to go to college and join a fraternity or not, you should always look into what the organization is about. Fraternities and sororities can be like a home away from home and not all have a reputation associated with drugs, alcohol, and hazing.
College is supposed to be a positive, life changing experience and banning Greek life would have a negative impact on college students around America. Not all greek life institutions should be blamed or banned due to tragic incidents they ahd nothing to do with.