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Shows making a buzz

Nicole King, Opinions Editor

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Big Mouth 

Big Mouth is a newly released satire cartoon comedy show created by Netflix. The show follows middle school children as they begin to face puberty. Each episode revolves around a different storyline, as it tackles a character’s problems such as teen pregnancy, menstruation, sexual maturity, and questions of sexual orientation. The hormone monster/monstress remains a constant compass for the characters’ development.
The show also explores relationships between parents and children. These relationships become more complex as the teens enter puberty and turn to their parents for guidance. The message behind Big Mouth serves a heightened importance in today’s culture, youth turn more towards social media for sexual education. Big Mouth serves a larger audience than expected, as they get their message across in a very graphic manner. The overwhelming theme of this show is the idea that everyone goes through these awkward phases at some point in their life, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.
Controversy over the show is rampant. Many parents have expressed concern with the fact that the show is a cartoon. Initially, it draws a younger audience despite its adult themes and content. On first glance it leads viewers to believe that it is geared to a younger audience, when in all actuality its vulgar content has awarded it a TV-MA rating.
“I could see problems with how the show covers such controversial topics,” said Mia William, senior. “Little kids could definitely turn it on, not realizing it’s made for adults.”
Although it is a comedy, the show still covers realistic problems many teens face as they grow up.“I feel that it is a relatable cartoon for older kids our because we all go through puberty and have the same thoughts,” said Janina Smith, senior.”It’s comforting to know that something mainstream is projecting those insecurities.” Many children don’t want to turn to their parents during puberty out of sheer embarrassment. If not for the vulgarity this could have been a great outlet for information.


Andi mack is a new Disney Channel show that is being headlined for breaking barriers. Premiering in the spring of this year, the show follows 13 year old Andi Mack as she is faced with the revelation that her older sister is actually her mother and her mother is actually her grandmother. Andi goes through this all while facing the challenges of puberty. This show has made groundbreaking strides in its unlikely parental storyline.
It has also been confirmed that in season two, the show will tackle the coming out of one of their supporting characters, Cyrus. This revelation comes to a head when Cyrus realizes that he shares Andi’s feelings for another character, Jonah.
Many view Disney Channel featuring a gay storyline as a major win for LGBTQ youth. LGBTQ youth are finally starting to be served with recognition, and the ages of the characters being in middle school, mirrors the real life timeframe of self-discovery amongst many young people. This show could serve as an outlet for youth struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, as it shows the realization and acceptance of one character.
Andi Mack further shifts the paradigm with its unlikely family dynamic. Exploring realistic struggles the show strays from the perfect family structure that Disney usually showcases. Nevertheless, controversy has followed the show. These plotlines have caused a stir in other countries. The show has been pulled from the air across 50 countries in Africa and across the Middle East, as a result of the featuring of a gay storyline. Disney released a statement explaining that they remain committed to “respecting each market’s cultural sensibilities, compliance rules and regulations.”
The show has also caused outrage within conservative group One Million Moms, as they accuse the shows featuring of a gay storyline as sacrificing a child’s innocence. Many parents have expressed concern that the show introduces concepts about relationships that they would rather introduce to their children themselves.
Regardless, Disney seems to be committed to its progressive story line despite backlash from many parents governments around the world.