Sports Spiel: Aaron Judge

Macey Melinek, Sports Editor

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Fifty two home runs, 154 hits, and 114 runs batted in; these were the highlights of twenty-five year old major league rookie, Aaron Judge, during his first season as a New York Yankee. At six feet seven inches tall, Judge lead the American Major league in runs scored, home runs, base on balls, and slugging percentage. Winning the American league rookie of the year, Judge became the next big thing in baseball.
But what I’m here to talk about is his latest win as the cover of the most popular baseball video game, The Show. Out of all the major league baseball players in the United States, he was chosen as the cover, but did he deserve it? Were there other candidates who worked harder or performed better?
For some, Judge’s impressive season was worth the honor. First up to bat is sophomore Madison Schlecker.“In general, he has been a clutch player all season long on both offense and defense,” Schlecker said. “Not to mention that he worked hard in silence as a humble player.”
In the other dugout is junior, Amber Grieve. “Although Judge had a successful season as a rookie, I believe the performance of other league veterans surpassed those of Judge, making someone else more deserving than him to win this honor.”
In her view, there were other players, like Jose Altuve, who led the league in highest batting average, or Giancarlo Stanton, who hit 59 home runs in one season, who had a more spectacular season than Judge. Judge set the record for most strikeouts this year with 208 just from this season. He either hit a home run, walked, or struck out; there was no alternative.
Besides these two opposing viewpoints, Judge is now a player adored by the Major League, and looked up upon by his fans and teammates. He was the buzz of baseball, which lead up to his intimidating catch phrase, “all rise!”
To end this game, Judge is the first ever Yankee player and first rookie to be on the cover of The Show. His rookie year has taken him a long way this season, making way for many more successful years to come.