Player profile: Leanne Sheffer

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Player profile: Leanne Sheffer

Eli Poveda, Staff Writer

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High school is a very stressful time for teenagers. Juggling multiple sports, clubs, and social activities is not an easy feat, but South Plantation student Leanne Sheffer has managed to do just that, and make it look easy while doing so. Along with taking rigorous classes, Sheffer is a part of school clubs, and is a leading member of South’s soccer team along with two other sports.
Sheffer began playing soccer at the age of six and has been playing for 11 years. She serves as the center forward and captain for South’s varsity soccer team and has led her team to many victories.
“Soccer was the first sport I started playing,” Sheffer said. “It’s what I want to play most in the future.”
Sheffer isn’t the only one in her family with soccer skills; her older sister was also on South’s soccer team and even played Division One for FAU. She greatly looks upon her sister for inspiration and has great respect for her achievements.
Recently, Sheffer tore her ACL, preventing her from playing this season, but unlike most in her situation, Sheffer isn’t letting her injury stop her from contributing to the team. Sheffer still attends team practices and continues to lead the team by motivating them to be their best at all times.
“Depending on the team they are playing, the advice that I give my teammates differs,” Sheffer said. “But no matter what I encourage them to try their hardest.”
“Leanne is a great captain and great friend,” said teammate Niamh Crisp. “She shows great leadership even when injured.”
Sheffer has been scouted by several Division Two colleges but is planning to go to college based on her academics. Although she puts her academics first, she still plans to continue playing soccer on the University of Florida’s club soccer team.
“I love playing [soccer] in general and just being with my teammates afterward and the overall environment,” Sheffer said.
Sheffer doesn’t just play soccer; she is part of South’s diving and tennis team. She has made it to states three times for diving. This was no easy feat, even for a person of her athletic prestige.
In addition to athletics Sheffer is also involved in National Honor Society and DECA, and at the same time taking multiple AP and honors classes.
“I’m a control freak, especially with my planner,” she said. “But also time management is very important, I never procrastinate.”
Sheffer is a star on and off the field and her time and dedication will continue to help her thrive in the games to come.