Drones are not beneficial to society

Nazareth Lockerd, Photographer

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Unmanned aircraft AKA drones are supposedly the future of the world, but is this the future we need? These remotely controlled devices have saved people from dire situations, but they have also caused others great harm.
In January of 2015, a drone crashed near the White House, which flight restrictions couldn’t even detect. The operator, Shawn Usman, was not charged because the drone was not in his control. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has restrictions in place, preventing drones from flying BVLOS( beyond visual line of sight). The FAA put regulations on the altitude of drones when one drone flew too close to a helicopter covering a fire.
This incident would have ended in tragedy. The drone would have gotten caught within the rotor, making the helicopter crash and potentially end lives. This is the future that people actually want?
Drones have been caught carrying contraband through state prisons. Nebraska’s Senator Carol Blood of Bellevue wants to introduce a bill that would protect the public without over regulating drones. Blood believes that the FAA has not addressed all the safety issues and concerns. This would drone users from spying on their neighbors because drone pilots could receive criminal charges. A public hearing is scheduled for February 23rd. There is debate going between the supporters and those against the bill.

February 23rd, 2018 Kentucky Senate Committee passed bill limiting operators from spying. Kentucky passed a similar bill, but it didn’t make it to the Senate floor. Kentucky is not the only state regulating drones, there are 41 other states with drone legislation. Blood of Nebraska proposed legislation LB 643. LB 643 prevents immunity from civil liability. It would prohibit operators from attaching weapons to drones, but sadly the bill won’t make legislation given the short sessions.
The U.S. military has adapted the trend of using new technologies to fight terror. However, “new does not always mean better”. Do the drones components work in times of pressure. The drone technology is flawed, the military already has perfected the U-2. The Global Hawk is the newest drone. Chris Pocok is an expert on the U-2. In Pocok’s article he compares the Global Hawk to the U-2, which dates back to its first use in the Cold War. Drones were first used in 2001 in a targeted killing.
Drones have evolved over the years, but now people are exploiting drones. Technology has become more efficient over the years, but has developed more problems and more means of exploiting the technology to their benefit.Our society does not need people to exploit the flaws of drones. Drones are not the future, but devices that do more harm than good.