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Black Mirror 

Black mirror is a futuristic television series that exploits the consequences of technological advances and the darkness of the modern world. The release of the fourth season on December 29, 2017 on Netflix was highly anticipated following three successful seasons. Black Mirror bends the realm of present-day entertainment with bizarre and, at times, provocative stories.

USS Callister
The season opens with a Star Trek parody featuring a game maker who is unappreciated by his employees. Robert Daley begins the episode with a misunderstood persona and it is hard not to feel bad for him. Daley’s true self is exposed when he extracts the DNA from one of the employees, Nanette, and creates a digital version of her for his online game, Space Fleet. She wakes up aboard the USS Callister and learns that she is trapped along with other digital copies of her fellow workers. As the commander, Daley demands respect and threatens them with harrowing acts. It seemed that the crew had lost hope but upon Nanette’s arrival, plans were put into place to escape.

Like most Black Mirror episodes, Arkangel touches on the downsides of technology and the irony of destroying something that you have worked so hard to protect. Following her daughter’s brief disappearance, Marie decides to enter her into an experimental trial for a product that allows Marie to view her vitals, location, what her eyes witness, and can censor upsetting content. While this is one of the weakest installment of the season, it still managed to keep me thinking of the events that occurred long after I watched it. The technology used in Arkangel did not greatly exceed what we have today and the premise was not far away from our present reality. The issues could have been portrayed as more shocking and horrifying and overall, it lacked the usual eerie Black Mirror-feeling.

Crocodile revolves around Mia and Rob who accidently hit a cyclist with their car. They must decide how to best handle the situation and years later, their actions have unforgettable consequences. This episode was very bleak and seemed inadequate for the incredible miniseries.

Hang the DJ
The plot of the fourth episode unfolds in an astonishing twist between two lovers: Frank and Amy. A system is in place to match people with their true soulmate and after a series of troubling events, Frank and Amy begin to question the system’s legitimacy. This episode relates to the modern Tinder and can probably be relatable for anyone who has ever been on a blind date. It is the perfect futuristic romantic comedy and more light-hearted than most Black Mirror installments.

This episodes presents Black Mirror’s common theme of the downfalls of technology and how its destruction is inevitable. A woman named Bella is being hunted by a roving robot while she is trying to steal something for her dying family member. It was an action-filled narrative and the tension and suspense can be felt throughout.

Black Museum
On the road, a traveler encounters a museum that holds artifacts from criminal cases and she is told disturbing stories encompassing the relics. The main attraction of the museum is shocking and causes some unimaginable consequences for the museum keeper. The season finale had elements of previous episodes and took previous story lines and shook them up.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a new Amazon dramedy set in 1950s New York City. The show follows Miriam (Midge) Maisel,a housewife who prides herself on being the perfect everything. She has the perfect look, the perfect house, the perfect husband. She is the perfect wife, the perfect daughter, and the perfect mother, or so she thought. After years by her husbands side as she helps him explore his dreams of being a comedian, she is blindsided when he leaves her for his dim witted assistant. Despite the efforts of her parents to get her to plead for another chance, Miriam remains prideful, moves out, and after one drunken night at the comedy club of her husbands dreams, she wows the crowd and an employee with her natural humor. Miriam starts to rebuild her life as a divorcee while exploring a possible newfound career as a comedian.
The show is expertly done. The set and the costumes perfectly capture the feeling of a 1950s New York. Rachel brosnahan, who plays Miriam, is groundbreaking in her performance, managing to win the Golden Globe award for best actress in a television series- musical or comedy, as a first time nominee. The show itself has also been recognized for its brilliance, snagging the Golden Globe award for best musical or comedy TV series.
This show reflects its importance as Midge strays away from the role expected of a woman in that time period. Midge doesn’t plead for her husband, as urged by her friends and family, and she takes her life in her own hands. On top of leaving her dream life behind, she gets a job for the first time to support herself. She serves as an inspiration to those around her in the show, and an inspiration to the viewers as she expresses her strength and will. Already renewed for a second season, this show is getting a lot of buzz and deservedly so.