Kindness rocks spread positivity

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Kindness rocks spread positivity

Anna Winslow, Editor-in-Chief

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It is often said that the small things in life make all the difference, that seemingly simple gestures of kindness can change one’s outlook. Recently, South Plantation’s Everglades Restoration Ambassadors have taken this concept and applied it to a movement at school. Throughout South’s campus, painted “kindness rocks” can be found in the most obscure places to brighten peoples’ days.
“Months ago I stumbled across the Kindness Rocks Project on Pinterest,” said Jacob Ewert, ER Ambassadors president. “I thought it was a really nice idea.”
The ER Ambassadors, who spent several days painting and decorating the rocks, began distributing them around campus in early February. The rocks have since made their way around social media as they are found throughout school by students and faculty.
“I was shocked by how many students were actually participating and posting the rocks on instagram,” Ewert said.
Originally created by life coach Megan Murphy in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the Kindness Rocks Project has spread around the Country. With small quotes of positivity on each one, the rocks have served as a message of light on campus even in the darkest of times.
“I originally planned on doing the project in response to Principal Henschel wanting a more positive atmosphere on campus,” Ewert said. “The tragic events at Stoneman Douglas made the project much more significant.”
Ewert, who posted about the rocks on Facebook, was contacted by a teacher from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The teacher said she thought the rocks would be a great healing activity for students and faculty returning to the school. Her comment inspired Ewert to donate some rocks to Douglas, to support those affected by the recent tragedy.
“With everything going on right now the rocks have been a nice way to spread kindness” said Ashleigh Placensia, senior and ER Ambassadors member. “They were fun to make and have definitely created a more positive atmosphere at school.”
17 decorated rocks and 17 blank rocks were donated to Stoneman Douglas to help the school start their own Kindness Rocks project. The ER Ambassadors hope the rocks will be another source of support and healing for the school one rock at time.