A clear path to success

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A clear path to success

Chloe Dilaura, Staff Writer

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Not many people can say they have received a full scholarship to college, let alone an Ivy League University. However, Zhane Cleare, one of South’s very own seniors, did just that.
Cleare received the Questbridge National College Match Scholarship to attend the University of Pennsylvania.
“My main focus going into senior year was to put myself in a position where I could go to a Florida Public college for free with things like Bright Futures and other miscellaneous scholarships,” said Cleare. “Then, I came across Questbridge) and I saw that students were going to top colleges for free.”
Cleare decided that even if she didn’t get the scholarship, it wouldn’t hurt to try and decided to apply to the program.” In the end, she received her scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania.
Throughout her high school career, Cleare consistently worked hard to earn scholarships for college. And not only did she have outstanding grades, but she was also actively involved in several extracurricular activities. Cleare played basketball in her 10th and 12th grade years, ran track in 10th grade, and joined South’s HOSA club in 11th and 12th grade.
Her achievement truly is something to be astonished by. University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League University and only accepts about 9.4% of its applicants. She plans to use her time at the university to study nursing to pursue a career in the medical field.
“Zhane is humble amd never takes credit for her gracious intellect,” said Gail Pucker, HOSA and Medical Skills teacher. “It has been an honor to teach such an amazing young lady.”
Zhane Cleare is a perfect example that no matter how far your dreams may seem, hard work and determination will get you there. For others with a similar goals, she says, “Stay calm and don’t let every little mistake bring you down. Realize that you’re gonna fail some assignments, you’re not going to get every scholarship, and you’re not going to understand every concept at first and that it’s okay.”
“Just remember to always push to be the best version of yourself and don’t give up on your dreams.”