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Senior-To-Senior: Can We Get Some Scholarships Up In Here

Taylor Camacho, Opinions Editor

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As we continue the second quarter of the school year, the impending doom that is student loans becomes more and more of a reality. It is known that financial aid such as FAFSA and Bright Futures are open to anyone. However, there are also millions of scholarships that are only applicable for those who fall under specific categories.

For instance, there are scholarships exclusively for Hispanics, Asians, people with asthma, and even vegetarians. Most scholarships require an essay, your résumé, and letters of recommendation.

If you are thinking about applying for scholarships, you should start looking up the deadlines for those that you qualify for as well as those that peak your interest.

There are endless templates for résumés online that you can use to put yours together if you do not already have one.

Once you have your résumé together, you can start sending it to those teachers you believe would want to write you a letter of recommendation (make sure to ask them first).

Each scholarship has its own unique prompt, and therefore you cannot just write one essay and send it in for several scholarships.

Read scholarship requirements very carefully. This means checking for what they are asking for, when the deadline is, how to send the information, and what standards you have to meet before you can even apply.

Some scholarships ask for more than others. Academic scholarships are more likely to ask for your standardized test scores than those scholarships out there for the people over six feet tall.

Something to also consider are the scholarships given out from colleges and universities themselves.

For instance, the University of Tennesse offers as much as $18,000 a year to students who have near perfect test scores.

They also offer as much as $10,000 a year to those who accomplish more attainable scores.

The key thing to look into are the overall costs of tuition in general. Colleges will try to trick you. Looking into UT again, what is not stated on their scholarship page is how much tuition is alone, which is roughly $40,000. So that annual $18,000 scholarship has to be thoroughly considered when deciding whether or not you personally can pay for that education, even with the scholarship.

There is a scholarship for everyone. All you have to do is go out and apply for it. Make sure that you really analyze how much money you are saving as well as how much money you will actually spend.

The main thing you should do when applying for scholarships is ask for help. Talk to a guidance counselor, parent, or trusted teacher. There are people that can help you, all you have to do is ask.

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Senior-To-Senior: Can We Get Some Scholarships Up In Here