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Senior-To-Senior: Admission aftermath

Taylor Camacho, Opinions Editor

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Brace yourselves! Student loans are coming. It is the beginning of the new year, which means the beginning of college acceptance letters. But, with college acceptance comes college declination. It is simply the way of life.

No one wants to get the news that their dream school denied them, but it is important to remember that it is not the end of the world. Instead, try moving forward by thinking about the colleges you did get into. Talking about your stress also helps.

For those who have been deferred or wait listed, try to be optimistic. Also, be aware of the difference between being deferred or wait listed: Being deferred simply means that your application decision is being postponed for reasons unknown to you; being wait listed, however, simply implies that you aren’t worth denying, but aren’t quite worth accepting yet either.

This sounds pretty bad (because it is), but colleges want to create a well-rounded, diverse freshman class. This means seemingly unbiased sex and race ratios.

In either case, you can show these colleges how interested you truly are by updating your resume or sending in new test scores. Not only can the changes influence your acceptance, it also shows your loyalty and interest in the school.

For those who are dealing with the dilemma of choosing one college over the other, there a certain things you must put into account. Take into consideration the amount of money given to you by each college in respect to your own cost of attendance, as well as the programs within these colleges, which will directly aid you in your choice of career path. To help you in this process, consider making a chart that compares and contrasts the pros and cons of each school.

That being said, only you can determine your best option when choosing which offer to accept. A $10,000 scholarship may sound appealing, but if the college offering this doesn’t even have your preferred major, then it’s not worth it.

This is a big decision that must not be taken lightly, so take your time when deciding where you will be for the next 4 years. Remember: Some decisions are not easy to change once they’ve been made.

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Senior-To-Senior: Admission aftermath