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May 2019 Volume 45 Issue 4

May 21, 2019

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Drones are not beneficial to society

Nazareth Lockerd, Photographer

March 14, 2018

Unmanned aircraft AKA drones are supposedly the future of the world, but is this the future we need? These remotely controlled devices have saved people from dire situations, but they have also caused others great harm. In January...

Colleges shouldn’t ban Greek life

Katherine Diaz, Staff Writer

January 16, 2018

As someone who has a few friends in sororities at FSU, it can be a little nerve wracking to think, “maybe that could’ve been my friend” after hearing about alcohol related deaths at the school. Many sororities and fraternities...

Colleges should ban Greek life

Christina Shaw, Staff Writer

January 16, 2018

Some might think the recent tragedy of the alcohol induced death of Matthew Ellis, a twenty year old Texas State University student, who was found dead and neglected at a fraternity party was a rare and misfortunate event. But...

No, you don’t have to go to college

Lizbeth Acevedo, Artist

January 11, 2018

College is a goal that all students from the age of five have been conditioned to reach. Students work hard academically and sometimes athletically to be accepted to colleges on scholarships. We are destined to continue to go...

Editorial: Awaiting Admissions

Anna Winslow, Editor-in-Chief

January 11, 2018

The applications have been submitted, the forms filled out, and now all there is left to do is wait. For many seniors, applying to college is a stressful and hectic time. But what is worse is the wait; waiting to be accepted or...

Why straight seven is better than block

Macey Melinek, Sports Editor

November 1, 2017

Eight classes, four a day, ninety minutes each, and one struggling student. Block schedule has many flaws that I’m sure many of you agree with. One of them being that ninety minutes is just way too long to sit in a class. Especially...

Why block schedule is better than straight seven

Lizbeth Acevedo, Staff Writer, Artist

November 1, 2017

As a senior who has never experienced the wonders of block schedule before, I can easily say it’s a breath of fresh air. Only four classes a day compared to the standard seven allows for more advantages to the student. It provides...

Accepting Change

Anna Winslow, Editor-in-Chief

October 30, 2017

With every new school year comes new changes. This year, new additions to the school like block schedule, Pathways of Innovation, and increasing technology in the classroom have all had large impacts on our school experiences....

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